Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here's my attempt at playing SARK's wonderful mood altering games!

Bergamasco Boys
SARK's first game is a "Miracle walk" in which you go out of your house or wherever you are, put your hands out, palms up and say; "Miracles, find me now." And then walk until you see or find one- or more! Be aware that miracles may be disguised or in unlikely places. Use love to recognize them. A variation is to say; "Miraculous people, find me now."

So I thought I would try it while walking the beloved "Bergamasco Boys" which is normally a fun, crazy, cold, resistance filled experience this time of year.  (The dark one, Bruzzi, has every excuse for not walking and he can embody resistance.)  Often my head is filled with to-do lists and annoyance with Bruzzi or hubby's recitation of the sorrows of the world.  But try stepping into your life with palms up and saying "Miracles, find me now" and see what happens to your day.  It is splendid!  And everything sparkles!  (The images are all about how the day sparkled because of this game.  Thank you SARK!)

The second game is "Transforming What Hurts Into What Helps" which is what I believe artists do every day, changing stuff that hurts into objects of beauty and resilience! 

Share one thing in your life that's challenging or difficult, and one thing that you're glad about that challenge or difficulty. Something like this:
"I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in my life and business, and am glad that I am healthy and able to do things" That reminds us of the "marvelous, messy middle" of feelings. I call it "Practical Gladness" This will further develop your transformational abilities.

Actually the biggest challenge in my life was death of my first husband, when we were in our thirties and totally unprepared for such an event.  I felt extremely lost and the darkness was intense at the end.  But then I noticed people were coming around to help sit with him, and to sit with me.  I wasn't alone at all.  And although it was the saddest time in my life it was also in a strange way, the happiest time.  I felt as though by facing this sense of isolation and sorrow (or maybe it was even embracing it), I was able to join or re-join the human race.  I felt connected to others who suffered loss (and who among us hasn't experienced loss?), I felt brave and resilient, and I felt SO grateful for all who came and sat with us through this time.  It was an amazing experience.

Prospero (one of the Bergamasco Boys) drinking water on a sparkle filled day.

The final game is "Be GLAD No Matter What -  Give Lovingly And Daringly" which SARK explains this way:

This does NOT mean feeling glad when you don't - how annoying. It means finding the glad parts in as many of your feelings as you can and then finding ways to help the world with your GLAD heart. Blog or post your GLAD offerings on social media. It might be large or tiny, common or uncommon. One of my GLAD heart gifts was singing Amazing Grace in the DMV office until everyone joined in!

This will be easy!  For anyone who contacts me at lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com I will send you a  free Glad-No-Matter-What zine, with my favorite collaged morning pages!
Even the frost sparkles today!


Erika C. said...

I love this post and am glad you are joining me with the games on SARK's site!

I would love to get a copy of your "Glad" e-zine.

I was moved by your story about your husband's death. I guess for me, in a way, the experience of dealing with my son's behavioral problems has also brought me happiness along with the frustration and pain, though not on the same scale as what you went through. But it is amazing how those dark times in life can also help to give it meaning.

Thanks too for visiting my blog.


William said...

This is a wonderful post, Lani. I love your photos! I couldn't figure out what was sitting on the rock. Whatever it was, it looked like it had two heads. Oh my! I'm glad you explained it was your two dogs. :O)

Miki Markovich said...

Beautiful words, beautiful images. I especially love your use of "sparkle." Thank you for your kindness and light.

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks Erika, Bill, and Miki!

aka suska said...

Oh, Lani, I needed to hear what you had to say especially today. This has been a tough year and it just never seems to stop, and yet, and yet... the frost does sparkle and the weather keeps changing and still survives and breathes life into me...

I would simply love a copy of your favorite collaged morning pages. I need inspiration soooo bad. I am really struggling even going into my studio. My house doesn't feel like home any more. ; (

Thanks for just being there. Best, susanna

barbarasaintjacques said...

Hi Lani, glad you are back. I enjoy your posts so much. I would like a copy of the glad no matter what zine.... always looking for positive, upbeat ways to start every day. Always, Barbara

Lani Gerity said...

Thanks susanna and Barbara! Hope you enjoy the zine!

Gena Hall Lumbroso said...

Woohoo! Lani, what fun, what deep, feeling love - sharing the way you played these 3 games is so, so moving. I LOVE your practical gladness. You have just raised my happiness meter 5 notches and I am going to go play these. Thank you so much! I love your dogs as well and the last story, how beautiful and moving. How powerful, all this. Thank you!

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, thank you Gena!

ActsofBeauty said...

Hi Lani, you sent me your ezine yesterday and it's beautiful, there are a couple of pages in particular that resonated with me, the turquoise the lilac and the pink pages, - they feel full of light, and I loved the manifesto!

Thanks for sending it!

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, you are most welcome and I enjoyed your blog very much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your inspiration Lani. I've had a rough couple of years with an aging parent who has dementia. I have intuitively done what you describe in your message- look for the gift, whenever possible.

My gift is that I see my beautiful mother's spirit shine through her eyes and in her lovely kisses. Even though she can no longer find words or remember who I am she is still managing to touch everyone around her in a profound way. It is like she is present in her purest form.

I'm sorry for your loss Lani. I think it is those times/events in our lives which shape us and make us receptive to the joy which also exists around us.


Lani Gerity said...

Thank you so much, Cheryl!