Monday, November 15, 2010

Let it all go, Tulsa. Be free now!

Collage by Lani with Texture Layers by FlyPaper Textures and Kim Klassen.
I got this email the other day:
Dear Lani, I wonder what you would say about my situation? I'm an administrator of a small community based educational program and I am so busy that I can't seem to find enough time to do my own writing. I would love to just go for long walks and write, but in reality I'm eating, sleeping, and dreaming administrative nonsense. I'd love to take a sabbatical from all this, but then there would be no pay, of course. I guess I'm feeling a little trapped... Yours, Tulsa

Sound familiar?  Don't we all put off those walks and our creative pursuits because we have obligations elsewhere?  My answer to Tulsa was to use the source of the perceived problem to create the solution.  One of the very best ways to get to do more of the thing you love, is to offer to teach it. If Tulsa is an administrator of an educational program, then she could appoint herself to teach a class on "walking, observing, and writing" or "writing and yoga" or "spiritual exploration through writing" for herself and all the other folks who may be feeling similarly. Lots of people feel too busy to even think and are just looking for an excuse to work creatively for an hour or two in their  busy lives.

I would also recommend Patti Digh's new book "Creative is a Verb" to anyone in Tulsa's situation.  Patti is amazing.  And not only are her books clear, simple, inspiring, but she's got a really nice blog where she's got a whole blog entry for my friend Tulsa and the rest of us as well.   Twelve simple steps to getting what is inside out, via writing, music, dance, or art.  What ever our creative preference might be, these twelve little ideas are for us.

Something else for Tulsa and all of us is over on Dirty Footprints Studio.   Connie has a wonderful post about how to be a "rockstar" or how to quit making those excuses and start living the life you were meant to live.  She says she has a story to tell about what has paralyzed her, what has shattered her and kept her from living a creative life.  She says she needs to release that story, let it all go in order live the life she dreams of.  I'm sure she's right.  Let it all go, Tulsa, be free now.  (Let it all go, Lani, be free now!)

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