Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun day in Halifax

The day started at the old Halifax farmer's market.  There is a new one that lacks a little of the old brick ambiance.  These photos are from CanadianTourism's Photostream on Flickr.  I forgot to pull out my camera, lol!

Then  off to Sawadee Tea House for a cheese panini, a pot of tea, and a delicious chocolate chip cookie.

The lighting and ambiance was lovely, the tea and food were delicious and I found a scarf I couldn't live without.  I figure it will make good texture layers for my photoshop activities.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gold within...

Textures from FlyPaper Textures  and CitraSolv.

I started reading The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield and found a lovely story about an old temple in Thailand.  This temple had an old, enormous, humble looking clay Buddha of at least 500 years of age, which was beginning to develop a large crack in it.  A monk became curious about the insides of this clay Buddha, so he took a flashlight and shown it inside the crack.  What shone back from the darkness was a flash of brilliant gold.  There was a beautiful golden Buddha inside of this humble Buddha that had been covered with clay to protect it so long ago that nobody remembered what was inside the clay.  Pretty neat story!

So Kornfield's idea is that we are a lot like that clay Buddha.  We have covered our inner gold with the clay of protection for so long we forget our true nature.  And we tend to ignore the inner gold of others as well.

 Textures by Klassen and Merielsea.

So he has a nice exercise, practice, or challenge for us: He suggests we wait for a day when we awaken in a good mood, heart open, happy, etc.  And on that day we should head out into the world and look for the inner gold in at least 3 people.  Notice how your perception of their inner gold shifts your interactions.  When you have done your best for a day, try it again for five more days.  Then try it for one day a week for a month or two.

I got to wondering how I might translate this into an art challenge, so I thought I would take a picture of something I particularly like about someone, something which reminds me of their inner gold.  So here's what I came up with.  My Dear Hubby belongs to that tribe of folks who leave toilet seats up and tooth paste caps off, etc. which make it hard for folks from my tribe to always see the inner gold, lol.  DH likes to grow straw flowers in the summer, and then dry them to scatter around the house.  I might find one next to my toothbrush, there might be one or two on various window sills, and there are a few on our dining room table.  Lovely.  It's a reminder to me that there is inner gold even in our DH's! 

Edward's flowers and bone collection.