Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Spring Tour is About to Begin

Collage by Lani, vehicle from Spunky Junkie, textures from SkeletalMess Kim Klassen, and FlyPaper Textures.  

This year's spring tour includes New York City, workshops for both NYU and the School of Visual Arts, on resilience, well-being, and art.  At NYU we will be creating resilience narratives, making puppets, and creating worlds and cultures for those puppets.   At the School of Visual Arts we will be discussing "14 Secrets of Successful Aging or How to Live a Happy Artist's Life Right Now!" along with some resilience promoting art making.   This is probably one of my favorite things to do, talk with artists and art therapists about how to live a happy, resilient artist's life right now.  The thing I like about the topic is how it grows and evolves, and how much more of a happy, resilient artist's life I am having the more I study it.  In addition to NYC I will be visiting Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, and Springfield College, in Springfield, Massachusetts for more workshops on resilience, well-being, and living a happy artist's life.  

Here's a lovely quote from Eric Fromm, tucked away in Maslow's (1959) New Knowledge in Human Values.
Well-being I would describe as the ability to be creative, to be aware, and to respond; to be independent and fully active, and by this very fact to be one with the world. To be concerned with being, not with having; to experience joy in the very act of living--and to consider living creatively as the only meaning of life.
                                                New Knowledge in Human Values, p. 163

Hope to see you on this road to resilience and well-being!  If you are planning on being in any of these workshops, please feel free to contact me for more information.  You can download syllabus and some helpful articles here:


jaihn said...

Wishing you very Happy Travels, dear Lani! xxx

Erika C. said...

Sounds wonderful, Lani. Your excitement and joy shines through this post and inspires me! Say hi to the NYU crew and to Simone at Springfield College if she is still there.


Lani Gerity said...

Thanks jaihn, and will do Erika. Yes, Simone is still there!

Phoenix Peacock said...

you are busy!!