Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art and Self-Care

"Dreaming" by Lani with the help of  FlyPaper Textures.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes working with art materials can be a lovely, sensuous, soothing experience?  Have you noticed that after those times your creative work has a burst of energy?  Have you ever found yourself stumbling into artistic "flow" moments and not know why or how to recreate them?

I have a theory about this (of course, lol, just call me Dr. Lani).  I believe that some art materials and art activities trigger very good things in our brains.  I think at these times we set our day to day anxieties aside and are able to get a lot of good work done.

What I am currently working up is a 12 week eCourse with art directives that will address the anxious "fight or flight" part of the brain before requesting higher functioning of it. My idea here is that we will find it soothing, supportive, fascinating and also applicable to everyday life, whether we are artists, art educators or art therapists. 

The course will include a blog and yahoo group with a reading room full of articles on current brain research as it applies to our work.  To reserve your spot see the paypal drop-down menu to the right of this post.  Prompts will begin on May 2.

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Huyen N. said...

Lani, have you heard of Charles Limb who does studies on creativity (specifically music and improv or spontaneous creation) using fMRI scans while the musicians are creating?
I'm excited to hear more and more similar research being done about creativity