Friday, April 08, 2011

Brain Fitness: A Prescription for Successful Aging

"Make What You Most Need To Find" collage by Lani

I attended a fascinating talk this week in Chester, Nova Scotia. Dr. Gail Eskes and Dr. Ivar Mendez from the Brain Repair Centre in Halifax spoke about prescriptions for successful aging, and a peak into the future of neuroscience.   We learned how the brain is affected by aging, how our cognition changes as we get older and what factors can speed up or slow down this process. Their “prescription for successful aging” highlights exercise and “cognitive activity” as well as social interaction that together can enhance brain fitness and optimize quality of life.
Here are some links if you are interested in Successful Aging and Neuroscience!
Here's an interesting article by Eskes:
Contribution of physical fitness, cerebrovascular reserve and cognitive stimulation to cognitive function in post-menopausal women.
She cites various authors like Charles H. Hillman, Michelle Carlson, G. M. Edelman, Donald Olding Hebb, and Christopher Hertzog on "Resilience in the face of cognitive aging."
Brain fitness type programs:
Happy Neurons
And there are more links here!

The consensus from the talk was that social interaction, exercise, and a great deal of cognitive activity over a wide range of interests will serve us well in the future.   With that in mind the Chester Art Centre will be hosting a program called "Brain Fitness: Lifelong Learning Through the Creative Arts."  There will be free workshops in jewelry making, painting, photography, book binding, collage, papier
mâché, monoprinting, and clay.  See you there!
For more information contact the Chester Art Centre, 60 Queen Street,
Chester; phone 275-5789; e-mail; or check for details on their website at


Bill said...

Well, this is very timely! I'm quickly approaching 60, and have two parents, 82 and 81, who are quickly losing their mental capacity. Watching them deteriorate (I can't think of a more sensitive word at the moment) has me really wondering how I will age.

Bill said...

I forgot to add that I love your collage with the old woman. (Who am I calling old?!) Very cute!

Phoenix Peacock said...

What a cool workshop - wish I was in the area for that!

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Bill, and as for how we will age, I'm sure it will be the same way we live, with humor and curiosity and ART!

Amanda said...

Thanks for this info Lani. The changes age brings can seem scarey. It is helpful to feel we are preparing in ways that will help.