Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Collage and Fotoshop eCourse coming soon!

Collage by Lani with the help of  FlyPaper Textures where they have a NEW collection with spring colors!!!

 I'm getting ready for the next round of "Collage and Fotoshop Freedom."   This eCourse involves playing with photo-manipulation programs and collage.  The "class room" is a learn-while-you-are-having-fun kind of place for players, photographers, artists and non-linear learners.  This is an eight week course with two lessons a week, one on collage and the other on photo-manipulation, using the collages you create during the first part of the week.   The new course will begin on May 2.  But if you sign up now you can join the yahoo group right away and have access to the "Fotoshop Fun Zine" with all of its introductory type prompts and tutorials to familiarize you with photo-manipulation.  You also have nearly 24/7 access to support and coaching for all of your photoshop questions.
Photomanipulated little shrimp and bean sprouts with the help of  FlyPaper Textures.

My approach is definitely non-linear.  I don't learn in a linear way, I love experimentation and play, so that is also the way I love to teach.  I have found plenty of good, solid, linear type tutorials and links for those who would like that too, so no worries. 

 Photomanipulated shrimp, tofu, and crispy noodles with the help of  FlyPaper Textures.

One thing I have noticed in my exploration of various art techniques is that if I start with images and objects I really like, the learning is much easier for me.  So that is the key to this course.  We will be using the images  and objects we love (like crispy noodles).  My intention with this course is that we get inspired by what we find and that our inspiration will lead us to learn more techniques with greater ease. 
Mask from my favorite restaurant with the help of  FlyPaper Textures.

 As part of the course we have a blog, a yahoo group which allows us to discuss our struggles and triumphs in real time, and we also have a flickr group where we can share images easily.   Join now and get the free zine with extra introductory type prompts and 24/7 access to support and coaching for your photoshop questions.

Hope to see you in the course really soon.  If you are interested there's a TOP SECRET discount button for blog readers over on the column to the right.  (The new Resilience Art class and Self care and Art class will be starting at the same time, so you can sign up for one, two, or three at a huge savings!)

"Looking for color" with the help of  FlyPaper Textures.

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tomartist said...

Hi Lani, I really enjoyed visiting your site. I am putting a link to it on mine at I enjoy your blog and the overall look and feel of your virtual interface. When i read about your learning process being non-linear, I am thinking that we art folks sound a lot alike.