Friday, April 29, 2011

New eCourses starting on Monday!

"Imagine an Open Heart" by Lani

I can hardly wait!  Monday is the day.  The Collage and Fotoshop folks are already playing with some pre-course material and what they are coming up with is amazing.  The Resilience Art and the Art and Self-Care eCourses are ready.  I've already opened one "classroom" and I'm just heading over to open the other.  In these classrooms we have plenty of extra materials, links, and files to keep everyone happy while waiting for their prompts.  

Here's a little secret I have discovered, the more I study the connections between resilience, happiness, self-care and art the happier, more resilient, and more cared-for I feel.  Pretty neat, eh?  Oh, yeah, and do you want a discount?  Check the column to your right.

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