Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feeling a little stressed? Here are some lovely links just for you!


How can you pamper yourself a little today?

Do you know Michael Nobbs, artist/author who suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?  He knows an awful lot about stress and it's effect on our systems.  He has quite a lot to say about treating yourself in a way that will allow for maximum creativity and joy in life and a minimum of stress.  I love his blog and all of his eZines or eBooks.  "The importance of pampering ourselves" is a must read for anyone who feels even a little bit stressed.

Here's one of his eBooks (excellent!).
Our creativity needs to be sustainable.  Simple concept and so true.

And then there's this great Meditation/Entertainment site, no spirituality involved, no angels or religious affiliation, just great guided imagery.  Do you have 3 minutes and a whole lot of stress?  Try their free 3 minute video.  It's guaranteed to work.  Amazing and fun.  There are other free things to try out on their website as well.  Do take a look.  What do you have to loose?  Maybe some stress!

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