Friday, July 22, 2011

Workshop with Kate Church in Chester

Kate Church's amazing and fun Art Doll work here
Hooray, I'm getting my supplies together (Soft Pastel Chalks, A small amount of metallic powders, Sculpting tools, Paint brushes: 2 small liner brushes, one with a round end, and one with a more pointed end, Also one thin bristle brush from the dollar store, stubby, not wider than ¼ inch. It will be used to stuff legs and arms, Two wooden blocks, 5 inches square by 1 and ½ inches deep, Tweezers,  Knife or blade tool, Straight pins, Needles and thread) for a workshop in Chester with Kate Church.  See her amazing work here and make sure to come back to this blog and see what comes out of the workshop.  Wooo!  Can't wait.

Another fun, fabulous piece by Kate Church!

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Patti said...

How cool - hope you have great fun!! Wanted to let you know we're in Maine - near Wiscasset - for a family reunion. I love it up here!!!!!