Monday, August 08, 2011

Hugging Meditation and Other Inspirations.

Hug Sandwich from Guerrilla Hugs
 Have you heard of hugging meditation?   I first read about it here and thought what a wonderful idea!  And while looking for good hug images I came across the Guerrilla Hugs website.  It's lovely, just raises my feelings of well being reading about their activities and looking at all their great hug imagery.  These folks are raising oxytocin  levels in London, one hug at a time.  Very sweet.              
So here's Thich Nhat Hanh's "hugging meditation" from Chanting from the Heart: Buddhist Ceremonies and Daily Practices.
“You can practice hugging meditation with a friend, a child, your parents, or even a tree. To practice, first bow to each other and recognize each other’s presence. Then, enjoy three deep, conscious breaths to bring yourself fully into the present moment. Next, open your arms and begin hugging, holding each other for three in-and out-breaths.
With the first breath, become aware that you are present in this very moment and feel happy. With the second breath, become aware that the other person is present in this moment and feel happy as well. With the third breath, become aware that you are here together, right now, on this Earth. We can feel deep gratitude and happiness for our togetherness. Finally, release the other person and bow to each other to show your thanks.”
Now isn't that lovely?  But the thought occured to me that we don't always have a friend, child, parent, or even a tree close at hand.  Is there any way to increase our sense of well being without the actual physical hug?  And of course there is.

I got Jill Badonsky's newsletter and she "makes stuff up" and suggests we go make stuff up too!  Well of course, we can make up hugs, why not!  She's got this crazy idea that you can imagine yourself into a wonderful vacation spot, and get all the lovely brain chemicals involved in that imaginative exercise and you save yourself a big packet of money to spend on art supplies, etc. 

So maybe we could take the idea one step further and create art around this idea.  Imagine the best hug at the best vacation spot you can think of and create art about it.  Make it real in your imagination and in your art and let the oxytocin levels flow.

What could be better than this?  Thank you, Jill.

Want one more inspiration link?  Over on Art Therapy Alliance buzz is starting to build about the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops.  It's an amazing offer, six wonderful creativity and art workshops for $49.  Wow!  Read about all six workshops here!  

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Patti said...

You continue to be such a force of inspiration and healing in my life dear Lani, this post is incredible... I do practice hug therapy and when my teenage daughter won't engage, I've found that massing her sore muscles has the same touch:)
Thanks so much for this (and all!) post. xo