Thursday, September 01, 2011

Michael Nobbs has a new eBook!

"Forget about seizing the day, enjoy it instead (a gentler translation of carpe diem)"
- Michael Nobbs

What I love about Michael Nobbs, besides his wonderful drawings, his blog and morning chats with tea, is that it's all about trying to keep things simple.  In the '90s he was diagnosed with ME/CFS and, over the last decade, has had to learn about sustaining a creative career with limited energy.  He feels very strongly about living a creative and sustainable life with limited energy, so much so that he  considers this to be his "Important Work".  Through his blog, pod casts, drawings, and eBooks, he teaches us all that it is possible to live a creative life with what ever our limitations might be.  Very inspiring!   Go immediately and get yourself a copy of "Getting Your Important Work Done" and then start today, getting your own important work done.

Here are some of the topics he's working with in this book: • The Importance of Choices • Get a timer! • The Importance of “No” • Why on some days it’s a good idea to say “no” even to to your
Important Work • The importance of putting energy back into the Energy Bank • Wabi-sabi: the beauty of imperfection • Don’t do today, what you could put off until tomorrow • Forget about seizing the day, enjoy it instead (a gentler translation of carpe diem) • Remember to celebrate your achievements  •Take some time to look back at all you’ve achieved • Why it’s okay (even essential) to stop completely • Deciding to schedule a catch-up day into my week • In praise of working on one thing at a time • Stop trying to catch-up, work from where you are • Learning to be compassionate with ourselves to get our Important Work done • Why we need to avoid the “jam tomorrow” tendency if we want to keep getting our Important Work done • Reaching and accepting limits • Learning to stop (especially when we most think we can’t) • Giving ourselves what we need helps get our Important Work done • Do a little something to raise your spirits (and help get your Important Work done!)  •Taking a holiday to make sure we stay on track with our Important Work
(Nice, eh?)

Do check out the other books as well, while you are at it.   I  love "Start to Draw Your Life" and it's free.  And there's Sustainable Creative and The Beanie #4 as well, all good and worth checking into here!

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