Friday, September 16, 2011

Reptitude and Creativity

Collage by Lani for Six Easy Lessons
 Barbara Martin has a coaching and creativity website called Reptitude Center for Creativity, and a creativity spot, phone in line where you can listen to a little experiment to increase your creativity.
This week's phone line has a great exercise in using curiosity to enhance your creativity.  Say for example you are stuck in line somewhere, or perhaps stuck in traffic.  Rather than getting upset or spending your mental energy worrying about what you should be doing instead, take advantage of the situation and start noticing what is going on around you.

Notice what is unusual in the midst of the usual.  Find the non sequitur, the out of kilter, the serendipitous.  These things are always there, around us all the time, we just forget to notice.  It is these small noticings that move us into a more creative space.  Once we notice something unusual, then we can start to wonder how this came to be, who created this, why, how?  Barbara Martin calls it the "look around game".  I just call it fun!  When we strengthen the parts of the brain that does all this noticing and the parts that create connections and insights, we actually feel better in our lives.

Creativity is undoubtedly very good for us!  Want more creativity in your life?  Try eWorkshops!  You can take them in the privacy of your own art space.  There are many choices out there I know, but I can vouch for 6 Degrees of Creativity and of course my own eCourses.

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