Saturday, September 03, 2011

So What is Our Big Work?

Cover for Six Easy Lessons eZine (for 6 Degrees of Creativity)

After reading Michael Nobbs new eBook (see previous post) I started wondering: How do we define our big work?  Or how do I define my big work.

Do you ever get one of those big inner smiles from creating something that seems to resonate or be in alignment with everything you believe in? Or maybe you feel that inner smile when you walk into an art gallery and suddenly recognize this same resonance or alignment in someone else's work. What ever the cause, it's those marvelous smiles of alignment, resonance, and wonder that I'm after. If I can find more ways to encourage that smile both internally and in the world, I think I would have found my big work!

Actually, with the fun I am having creating the videos and eZine for my workshop that is a part of 6 Degrees of Creativity, I'm feeling wonder, resonance, and alignment right now, right here.  So many magically beautiful things just fell into place for this, it's quite exciting (and there are 5 other workshops to look forward to)!  I have one of those inner smiles right now.

Collage for Six Easy Lessons.
What is your big work?  Does it make you smile?

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Bill said...

That is such a happy looking collage. We'll need to keep your collage close at hand. Fall is almost upon us here, and all the flowers will be gone.

I signed up for the e-courses, but still haven't gotten any confirmation back. Evidently PayPal has sent the money, but no one has acknowledged receiving it on the 6 Degrees of Creativity end. Always something to keep life interesting!