Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Want to encourage your creativity in 6 different ways?

Collage by Lani
Have you wondered what your life, work, passions, relationships would be like if you applied a little more artful creativity to them?  Why not join us and find out.  We are six artists and art therapists and we are here to encourage your creativity in six different ways!  Kristina Bell DiTullo will be working on found objects and relevant social issues, I will be working on the Happy Artist's Life, using art  to create positive neural experiences and other good things, Cathy Malchiodi will be working on Gratitude and Affirmation in Art, Gretchen Miller will be working on Artist Trading Cards to celebrate the goodness in our lives, Jenny Navarro will be teaching us some lovely Beeswax techniques, and finally Kat Thorsen will be teaching us Sock Monkey Therapy.  For Six Easy Lessons for a Happy Artist's Life (and the other five marvelous ways to grow your creativity) click here.

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