Monday, October 10, 2011

Tracking Happiness

Collage by Lani with textures from FlyPaper Textures and from Skeletal Mess
Back from a wonderful workshop at Lemoncholy's Studio with Michael Demeng.  What a blast!  He had so much to teach, even gave us the skinny on how to create lizard effects with a great new product from Kroma.  You can read about the art journal workshop that used this product here.  I need some of this stuff right away!

Michael's Journal
Now here are some photos of Kecia's beautiful, amazing art and cottage.  I loved exploring all of this and wish we could have stayed longer.  Hmmm, maybe another workshop one day?

Bring Me a Crooked Moon

Kecia's Collage from an Anahatta workshop
Dolls everywhere (this is a bit of a double exposure, but I like it!)
 Some of Kecia's work.  Dreamy!

Another doll (Kecia, how many dolls do you actually have?)
There were also many wonderful Santos everywhere.  (I love Lemoncholy Studio!!!)
So that was great fun for me, playing with my photos from the workshop at Lemoncholy Studio, creating some double exposures, adding Kim Klassen texture layers.  Let the fun continue.  Oh and now I can track my fun and happiness quotient thanks to this great website.   Thank you Gretchen Miller for alerting me to this possibility.  Every so often you can get an email or text message and you can answer a few questions which provoke some thought about our happiness levels and what causes them.  Art and aesthetic experiences are a big one for me.  Also tracking and thinking about it gives me joy and happiness too.  So try it for yourselves:

Here's a little poem for Kecia, by Anonymous:
"In that remote inn
Which pretends to nothing
And is therefore both comfortable and good,
They knew so much"


Bill said...

All such cool stuff!

Lani Gerity said...

It was a great workshop!