Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Year's Revolution is Ready!!!

Thanks to Gretchen Miller's Revolutionary Art Journaling process, I am delighted with my New Year's Revolution.  I looked through my most recent art journal and decided that the cover should reflect my current interest in fully occupying my own life, mind, heart, and art!

So this is the cover.  To create this book I took Gretchen's directions and went one step further.  I had a pair of "7 Gypsies" book boards in my art stash which I really wanted to use, so I took a kids board book right apart and cut the pages to match.  I love the size and the antique look of the cover.  The hand is reaching down with a little card that says "celebrate" which of course is a very good concept.

Here's my first spread with my first revolutionary idea, which is to occupy the year with art or through art making, every day!  It's a gift so why not enjoy the gift?

My second spread is about keeping it real.  (If it's raining use an umbrella, don't just pretend that there is no rain, lol!)  Some of the text is snagged and slightly altered from Gretchen Miller's revolutionary Pinterest page.  If you want some revolutionary wisdom and joy do click here as soon as possible.

 So the third spread is about Joy!  It's portable so bring it along where ever you go.  And a little reminder to do more of what brings us joy!  Yes! 

  This fourth spread  is about kindness.  It really does improve everything around us if we can remember to be kind as much as possible.  This was one of the things that impressed me most about the Occupy folks, they really were practicing kindness under some very difficult situations.  I would like to carry this practice into the new year.

 My fifth spread is about including more laughter in my life.  Sometimes it gets a little studious in my studio.  I wish to remember to laugh more often.

 The Sixth spread is about wonder and grace.  I'm wanting to focus a bit this year on the importance of wonder and curiosity in our lives.  I believe it helps in many ways, like keeping us questioning and perhaps staying away from the fossilization that occurs when we believe our assumptions.  The right hand page is about those moments of grace that sometimes go unnoticed.  I want to stay alert for them in 2012!  "What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?"  (This question is from the Kind Over Matter blog, a real must read right now and often!  Thanks to Gretchen who listed this blog as one of her many resources!)

 My final spread is back to the Occupy movement, a little collage of my occupy elf on the Wall Street Bull.  In 2012 I will be learning to Occupy my life!  And here's the back cover.  Hope you enjoyed it.  The binding was from a workshop with LK Ludwig but if you want to try altering a kid's board book, just take a look at the easy-peasy directions in Gretchen's great "Ready for Revolution Art Journaling E-Book !

PS - The new year is just around the corner and I'm opening up the "class rooms" for this last run of the current eCourses.   Yes, the two for one offer is still good.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It's snowing in Nova Scotia, with new textures from FlyPaper Textures.
There's nothing quite like a beautiful, gentle snow fall and we got one yesterday with just the right amount of snow.  Now it will be a white Christmas with a warm fire and plumb pudding!  Hooray.  Merry Christmas everyone!  (Check the FlyPaper Blog for instructions on using textures.  Wonderful!)

Prospero studies the snow, with new textures from FlyPaper Textures.

Morning walk in the snow, with new textures from FlyPaper Textures.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Collage Fun!

Collage by Lani with brand new textures from FlyPaper Textures.
 I love playing with collage and then adding layers of texture.  The one on top is a mix of a family photo and Victorian print.  Great fun.  The bottom image is from my morning pages.  I love to scan and play with textures.  Especially FlyPaper Textures.  They have a new batch, Autumn Painterly.  Breathtaking.

Also, my eCourses starts January 9 and then I'll be retiring this group .  2 for one special is on now.  3 months of fun, joy, and creativity!  Check the right hand column here in order to join the classes.  Any questions, feel free to contact lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com.
Collage by Lani with brand new textures from FlyPaper Textures.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last year's Revolution; What will the new year bring?

Here are a few of last years revo'lutionary images, things I wanted to bring into the new year and focus on, thanks to Gretchen Miller's Revolutionary Art Journaling process.
Playing with kids board books and collage, focusing on a few words and intentions, here is "Imagine Kindess".
"Be Kind" by Lani.
(I know this is similar the the one above but I had a lot of kindness issues to work on last year, lol)
"Imagine and Open Heart" by Lani

If you are ready for a revolutionary way of working in your art journal, and you want to create some positive revolutions in your life, you will find  Gretchen's "Ready for Revolution Art Journaling E-Book just the spark you were looking for.

Gretchen will help you with:
Preparation: [prep·a·ra·tion], creating your own revolution art journal using a children's board book. Intention: [in·ten·tion], creating your intentions and course of action for  2012.
Creation: [cre·a·tion], bringing these mixed media and collage ideas into existance.
Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion], bringing about a marked or thorough change in form.

Looking back at last year's revolution, I am delighted with the results and can't wait to start on 2012.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Why the Occupy Movement has Occupied my Imagination!

Collage by Lani after Adbuster's Poster
It's pretty simple, I've always felt a bit occupied by our consumer based culture; as if my life does not always belong to me but actually belonged to marketers, the media, big box stores, multinational corporations, various governments, societies and cultures, my family, almost anyone but me, really.  And along comes this rag-tag group of protestors, with tremendous diversity and passion, and they are saying we need to occupy this or that.  Well I like that.  I'm tired of being colonized, and I don't want to be a colonizer, but certainly I'd love to occupy my  own life, thank you very much.  And if there is public space around, I'd love to have the freedom to occupy that.  And if I have the right to express myself, or congregate with whoever in peaceful demonstration, well I think that I need to occupy that as well.

Having been trained as an art therapist, some of the things we focused on was helping folks feel more authentic, more free, and certainly more in charge of their own lives.  Well, if those things are good enough for the folks I have worked with, then they are good enough for me.

So here's the challenge, today let's look for ways to take back and occupy our own lives.