Monday, December 12, 2011

Last year's Revolution; What will the new year bring?

Here are a few of last years revo'lutionary images, things I wanted to bring into the new year and focus on, thanks to Gretchen Miller's Revolutionary Art Journaling process.
Playing with kids board books and collage, focusing on a few words and intentions, here is "Imagine Kindess".
"Be Kind" by Lani.
(I know this is similar the the one above but I had a lot of kindness issues to work on last year, lol)
"Imagine and Open Heart" by Lani

If you are ready for a revolutionary way of working in your art journal, and you want to create some positive revolutions in your life, you will find  Gretchen's "Ready for Revolution Art Journaling E-Book just the spark you were looking for.

Gretchen will help you with:
Preparation: [prep·a·ra·tion], creating your own revolution art journal using a children's board book. Intention: [in·ten·tion], creating your intentions and course of action for  2012.
Creation: [cre·a·tion], bringing these mixed media and collage ideas into existance.
Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion], bringing about a marked or thorough change in form.

Looking back at last year's revolution, I am delighted with the results and can't wait to start on 2012.

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