Monday, December 05, 2011

Why the Occupy Movement has Occupied my Imagination!

Collage by Lani after Adbuster's Poster
It's pretty simple, I've always felt a bit occupied by our consumer based culture; as if my life does not always belong to me but actually belonged to marketers, the media, big box stores, multinational corporations, various governments, societies and cultures, my family, almost anyone but me, really.  And along comes this rag-tag group of protestors, with tremendous diversity and passion, and they are saying we need to occupy this or that.  Well I like that.  I'm tired of being colonized, and I don't want to be a colonizer, but certainly I'd love to occupy my  own life, thank you very much.  And if there is public space around, I'd love to have the freedom to occupy that.  And if I have the right to express myself, or congregate with whoever in peaceful demonstration, well I think that I need to occupy that as well.

Having been trained as an art therapist, some of the things we focused on was helping folks feel more authentic, more free, and certainly more in charge of their own lives.  Well, if those things are good enough for the folks I have worked with, then they are good enough for me.

So here's the challenge, today let's look for ways to take back and occupy our own lives.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lani. Tried to post ... but then had to go back and sign into wordpress and I guess the post was lost. But spoke my truth today and reminded me how important it is to occupy my own life.