Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Complaint-Free Corner

Amusing "Complaint Free" collage by Lani, texture by Kim Kassen.
 I was watching a video from Mona Grayson on Goddess Leoni's World's Biggest Summit.  She's got this purple wrist band and she is doing the "complaint free world" challenge.  Well, I got intrigued.  The whole idea is so simple.  You get this wrist band, you resolve to live complaint free for 21 days (that's how long it takes to create a new way of being in the world) and if you slip, no, when you slip you switch the wrist band to the other wrist.  So according to Will Bowen who wrote the book, this practice stage where you are catching yourself complaining and then stopping and switching your wristband may go on for quite a few months, but really practice is practice and there's nothing wrong with it.  Also you get to be shocked by how much complaining goes on around us and inside us all day long.  So I'm psyched to create a complaint free corner of the world, I've ordered my wrist band but I will employ a rubber band until the real one arrives.

Here are a few great reasons to try this complaint-free corner of the world, right now!

1 – When you’re complaint-free, there is a subtle shift towards possibilities and solutions and away from the constant focus on "The Problem."
When you remove the option of complaining, you can start to see solutions.
2 – When you live complaint-free, there's way less annoying "it's all about me" activity (lol).
Complaining makes someone or something wrong "out there" all the time and it makes "me" right all the time. Right, but the victim of all that's wrong in the world.  Very annoying.  (Oops, am I complaining?)
3 – When you live complaint-free, you find new interesting things to think about.  If you take away what normally takes up 85% of what we talk about, you suddenly have so much freedom and time to find other more interesting things to examine and talk about.  It will change how you look at the world.
4 – When you live complaint-free, you will find you are a happier person.

Want to try?  Click here for Will Bowen's website and get your purple wrist band today.


Bill said...

Your collage is too wonderful! Living compliant-free sure would be wonderful, too.

Lani Gerity said...

Want to take the challenge? I dare you!

Huyen said...

I love this! I have been wanting to reduce my complaining and this is a wonderful way to practice living complaint-free. Thanks for sharing, Lani!