Monday, February 27, 2012

10 Loves (ok, maybe 11)

Altered Doll by Lani, textures from Kim Klassen and  FlyPaper Textures.

Here are 10 or 11 loves in response to Kim Klassen's invitation over at Beyond Layers.

I love Prospect Village, Nova Scotia and my life here, hubby & home, dogs, cat, friends, and the landscape.
I love and totally respect the Atlantic Ocean.  It's awesome and serious.
I miss the Pacific Ocean.
I love Taiwan and all things Chinese. 
I love my wild, crazy, color filled Chinese growing up years.
I love Chinese food.  My last meal on this earth had better be hot and sour soup with great dumplings.
I love altering old dolls.
I love distressed, worn, old textures.
I love making my own art journals.
I love making jewelry, art, sock monkeys, and puppets.
Last but not least, I love chocolate.


Kim Klassen said...

i love your 10 i loves... thank you for this!

xo, Kim

Sally Papin said...

Oh Lani what a great set of 10 Truths. Reading some of your truths reflects me in many areas, especially your love of art journals, hot and sour soup and the ocean. Sally P in Oklahoma

Unknown said...

I loved reading this list! So many very good sensory based loves.... You've inspired me to make my own list now! Perhaps in wordle form :) Thanks for this post!

margie said...

i love altered dolls. before i saw your photo i was tempted to use a similar photo! great list, and what canadian doesn't love the maritimes. two of our kids, one in halifax and one in sackville, nb, are becoming east coasters.

rochambeau said...

I like the person you are.