Thursday, September 20, 2012

Art journaling, the doorway...

Found: Doorway by Lani (with help from FlyPaper Textures )
 Every morning I sit down with my paper, images, glue sticks, pens and see what emerges.  Usually the image is a total surprise.  The morning I did this one, the idea of "What gets us up in the morning" was still at play.  An important piece of "what gets me up in the morning" is gratitude.  I am very grateful to have had all the teachers that I had in my life.   Their generosity and kindness helped me uncover the doorway to my own art making, my own joy, and happiness.  Thank you all so much!   If I can pass on a tiny bit of what I have learned, how lovely that would be!  (And thank you FlyPaper Textures  for the finishing touches, you guys are awesome.)

So if I could only teach one thing it would be to be as generous with others as you can be.  The world is often a sad place and we all need more good things, more kindness in our lives.   The best way to find good things and kindness is to create them!  
A perfect whole by Lani (with  help from FlyPaper Textures )

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ikigai - What gets us up in the morning

My Ikigai - What gets me up in the morning
Actually what gets me up in the morning is finding great posts like this one on Positive Art Therapy, via an email from Gretchen Miller.   In the post, Janet writes about the Japanese concept of Ikigai which is used to describe what gets us up in the morning.  It could be a lengthy, soul-searching process but Janet was challenged to create an art piece with 6 words in 5 minutes.  I thought why not give it a shot myself.

So I created the collage first.  I wanted an image of "getting up" in spite of it all.   A background which conveys urban decay was perfect.  Then I used a Photoshop brush adapted from an AdBusters image which shows kids leaping.  This speaks to me of hope and energy.  Then to find my six words which came very quickly; Joy, Art, Magic, Love, Generosity, and Happiness.  For me joy, magic, love and generosity go into my art making which of course makes me happy, fills me with inner satisfaction and lights up my brain chemistry, my internal reward system.

So thank you Janet and Gretchen for passing this concept along.  I would challenge all of us to see what comes when we try to put "what gets us up in the morning" into six words.  Very fun!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Letters of Courtesy, Friendship, and Affection

"Letters of Courtesy, Friendship, and Affection" Collage by Lani with old tintype and digital ephemera
I am working on a couple of illustrations for essays having to do with facing loss, accepting grief, and learning to love our ephemeral and changing natures a little more every day.  When I read the prompts (very moving essays) and as I began to work with these ideas with images, I discovered once again that grief and loss, when faced and even honored, have many gifts to give us. 

Stay tuned.