Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ikigai - What gets us up in the morning

My Ikigai - What gets me up in the morning
Actually what gets me up in the morning is finding great posts like this one on Positive Art Therapy, via an email from Gretchen Miller.   In the post, Janet writes about the Japanese concept of Ikigai which is used to describe what gets us up in the morning.  It could be a lengthy, soul-searching process but Janet was challenged to create an art piece with 6 words in 5 minutes.  I thought why not give it a shot myself.

So I created the collage first.  I wanted an image of "getting up" in spite of it all.   A background which conveys urban decay was perfect.  Then I used a Photoshop brush adapted from an AdBusters image which shows kids leaping.  This speaks to me of hope and energy.  Then to find my six words which came very quickly; Joy, Art, Magic, Love, Generosity, and Happiness.  For me joy, magic, love and generosity go into my art making which of course makes me happy, fills me with inner satisfaction and lights up my brain chemistry, my internal reward system.

So thank you Janet and Gretchen for passing this concept along.  I would challenge all of us to see what comes when we try to put "what gets us up in the morning" into six words.  Very fun!


Janet said...

Lovely Lani, glad you were inspired to create and care enough to share!

My Ikigai is "To create, inspire, share, care and be" This means to me,being inspired to create, to care enough to share and connect with others so they too are inspired and sometimes just be.

Lani Gerity said...

And you do it SO well Janet! Thank you!

Gena said...

LOVE this Lani! I will have to have a go myself! Thank you for sharing!!