Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Letters of Courtesy, Friendship, and Affection

"Letters of Courtesy, Friendship, and Affection" Collage by Lani with old tintype and digital ephemera
I am working on a couple of illustrations for essays having to do with facing loss, accepting grief, and learning to love our ephemeral and changing natures a little more every day.  When I read the prompts (very moving essays) and as I began to work with these ideas with images, I discovered once again that grief and loss, when faced and even honored, have many gifts to give us. 

Stay tuned.


MrCachet said...

I'll be back to visit again. I'm here via Seth, and although I try to visit the featured artists, it doesn't always happen.

The New Textures Alert post caught my eye. Great piece, but I came because of the words you chose to describe your Favorite!

I got a bonus!

amy of four corners design said...

coming over from Seth's as well...your images are haunting and inviting...I will be back for more...