Monday, October 29, 2012

30 Day Positive Challenge

Morning pages fiddled with in the FREE on-line
Pixlr software with very fun instruction from Susan Tuttle!

Over on Facebook I noticed the 30 Day Positive Challenge which is the Community Page for Positive Positive Positive (which is in itself a fascinating story so visit if you get a chance!)  If you want to try these prompts in your journaling practice, I think they are great!  If you are on Facebook and you'd like to participate there simply tag @30 Day Positive Challenge in your post along with that day's "rule" or prompt. Here they are... 


Day 1 – The most Inspirational Quote you have ever seen
Day 2 – Post a photo that you Love
Day 3 – Make a list of the top 5 things that you appreciate in your life
Day 4 – Find a photo of a Painting/Drawing that makes you happy and post it
Day 5 – Read and post something Positive (Either something from a book, an article, something from Google)
Day 6 – The most Inspirational Book you have read
Day 7 – Spend 30 minutes and relax and listen to some nice music. What did you choose?
Day 8 – Make a list of 5 dreams you’d love to come true in your life
Day 9 – Focus in the Now (For the whole day) Describe the experience
Day 10 – Watch a good funny movie. What did you choose?
Day 11 – Say yes (Like the Yes Man Movie) all day! How did it feel?
Day 12 – Call someone you haven’t called in a while
Day 13 – Be calm all day
Day 14 – Tell a friend how amazing they are
Day 15 – Give a compliment to the first person you see and post what you said
Day 16 – Describe a time that you that you did community service. If you have a picture post that up too
Day 17 – Post a picture of something that reminds you of peace, love, and/or happiness
Day 18 – Post a picture of a time that was really fun and made you happy
Day 19 – Post a music video that makes you happy
Day 20 – Post a picture of someone laughing
Day 21 – Quote the lyrics of a positive / peaceful song
Day 22 – Talk about a Dream that has come true
Day 23 – Find and post a Poem which is Inspiring
Day 24 – Describe something that you have always wanted to do since you were a child
Day 25 – Talk about your BEST memory from Childhood?
Day 26 – What are 5 Positive words that describe you?
Day 27 – Post a photo of the most relaxing place in the World that you have visited
Day 28 – Google the word ‘Inspirational’ and find something special to post
Day 29 – Talk about someone who has influenced you greatly in life
Day 30 – Post anything Positive.. Photos, Art, Drawings, Articles, Websites, anything you like!!

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