Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creating Possibility

Morning pages with photoshop layers and fun.
 The thing about art is that it really can make all the difference between an existence and a life of wonder and joy.  Part of my daily dose of fun includes morning pages before breakfast, and now with my iPad I can take a picture of my page and play with it while I have my breakfast, run it through a couple of Apps and post it on Instagram.  It's fun to be surprised later by what I have done.  An art therapist friend, Allison Fox, writes "...thank you for keeping on advocating for quick, easy and often in art making. It is hugely helpful - even when I don't actually do it. It makes the transition back easier."  Well I actually advocate the things I advocate because some days I can use a little reminder about "quick, easy and often" as well.
Morning pages with iPad apps and fun
 The one here, "Create Possibility" is really a neat idea.  It was one of those dreary, foggy, overcaste, cold, gray days, kind of bleck if you can picture it.  And as I was playing with image and words, it suddenly came to me that it's all in constant flux isn't it?  One day is dreary, the next is sunny.  So we don't have to have the perfect day right now, we don't have to have all the ducks in a line, we don't even have to have all our creations be brilliant, we just need to create the possibility for good things to happen.  Which for me means getting up early, doing some yoga and art before breakfast and seeing what the day brings.
Morning pages with iPad Apps and fun.
 And finally one of the best lessons I've learned from positive psychology and art is that life has shadows and difficult times.   It's not about plastering over the bad stuff, more like building up your strengths and resilience to deal with the difficulties.  And heck, if there were no shadows, there'd be no variation of tone, there'd be no contrast, there'd be very little of interest without shadow.  So here's to morning pages, with shadows and all.  And here's to creating possibility!
"Through Shadow" morning pages with iPad Apps and fun.


Anonymous said...

Great reminders Lani-- Thank you!

janet said...

Love this Lani - especially the bit about shadows. You are very talented!
Kindest Janet

Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Gretchen and Janet!

Theresa said...

These are really wonderful.