Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making friends with the Inner Critic, or allowing the IC to make friends with you.

"Little me" played with in Pixlr
The easiest way around the dreaded Inner Critic is to help it develop empathy for you.  I'm sure that the rational for inner critics in general is to help us with our best work.  But they do tend to go over board.  So try this.  Find an old photo of your self as a younger individual and play with it a bit in some photomanipulation programs.  As you play with this image, try to imagine the world through this young person's eyes.  You may find yourself empathizing.  You may find that harsh inner voice tone itself down a bit.  Keep the empathy evoking image around where your Inner Critic will see it.

This technique works very well with other relationships as well.  If you have a somewhat difficult person in your life, rather than attempt to remove them, try to find an old photo of them as a very young person, a photo that evokes empathy.  Let me know how this works for you.

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