Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things to remember durning the holiday season...

"You are the gift" morning pages with help from FlyPaper
1.  Remember you are the gift.  (I learned this from 14 Secrets member, Lore Caldwell)
2.  Remember the gift of breath.  (When we focus on breathing deeply for a few minutes it can ground and calm during the most anxious times.)
3.  Remember your freedom, your ability to choose what you do today, what you hold in your mind, and who you surround yourself with.
4.  Remember to use your senses.  Smell the scents in the air; pine, baking food, fresh air.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Fully experience everything that comes to you through your senses.  Be here now.
5.  Remember that humans need community, use this opportunity to build positive relationships.  Be a part of something greater than yourself.
6.  Remember to learn and grow from your experiences.
7.  Remember to give others your attention.
8.  Remember to appreciate those around you.  Let them know.
9.  Remember to treat people how we would want to be treated.
10. Remember you can forgive. 
11.  Remember to look for the light in others and in yourself.

This list of things to remember during the holiday season comes mostly from Lori Deschene's Tiny Buddha blog.

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Bill said...

All such wonderful reminders! I'm still working on #10.