Thursday, January 03, 2013

Need a Little Quiet Bliss?

"Inside Quiet Bliss" morning pages with textures from FlyPaper
In continuing the theme that seems to be developing on this blog lately, of taking back our (or my) mental ecology, I worked on this piece this morning.  The tiny words say "she loved watching it.   And suddenly she knew some thing.  And it made her feel wonderful about life itself."  (They came from a Teesha Moore collage sheet, thank you Teesha!)  I wasn't sure if the "she" in this picture was the cow herder or the cow, but there you are.  For me it was a lovely quiet moment of making and then contemplating.

Here's how it worked for me: I got up before anyone else was awake, except Maus, the cat.  I made my coffee and went downstairs to my studio to do a little yoga which helps quiet the mind and bring together body and breath.  Then I retrieved my coffee and came back down and worked in my art journal.  Next I added some touches in photoshop, a little  FlyPaper fun and filtering.  All of this works together to raise some good brain chemistry that I know I've created myself (as apposed to some neuro-market's input).  It's as though I get to reward myself every day by doing a little yoga and art.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone trying to get me to buy a latte or a big mac.  (See yesterday's post)

Want to find ways to take back your mental ecology, to be able to create your own reward system and dopamine production?   There are folks out there writing about just that.  Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University has 10 little ways to reward yourself when you taking little steps to own your life.  You can find his "Slide Share" on Ways to Celebrate right here.  He's got a pretty cool looking and totally free on line eCourse right here, just in case you like to change your life!

Want more?  Stay tuned!

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jaihn said...

Oo - thank you, Lovely Lani, for the free course link - I'm going to give it a go! xxxj