Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Creating lots of miraculous occasions!

"Instructions for  Miraculous Occasions" book for the New Year with textures from FlyPaper

I love this new little New Year's Revolution book.  It's becoming a New Year's Habit actually, thanks to Gretchen Miller's industrious inspiration.  This year I resolve to create as many miraculous occasions as possible.  And to help me with this endeavor, and in case any of you have resolves that you want to see to completion, I would suggest the following:

Patti Digh
From Patti's blog, there's a lovely Rainer Maria Rilke quote.  “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”  Nice, right?  And then she's got these two simple questions. 
1. What do I want to let go of?
2. What do I want to create?

She answers the first one with wanting to "let go of people who are toxic to me, whose energy depletes my own. I want to let go of belongings and clutter and weight, the things that weigh me down."

For me, it's my own yucky feelings that make a relationship toxic.  So I would like to let go of my toxic feelings in relationships.  (They usually  have to do with people not doing what I think they should do, which is really funny if you think about it long enough, and then it's no longer toxic!  I mean, God forbid I ever do what other people want me to do... too funny!)

She answers the second question with wanting to "create greater and calmer spaciousness in my life for writing and thinking and teaching and learning. I want to open space."

I would answer it with creating more Curiosity, Freedom, Individuality, Reparation, Love, Light, and Spaciousness.  (I'll keep you posted with how it's going.)

Christine Carter
Another great source for help and support in our efforts to continue towards growth and learning (or in our efforts to create personal revolutions) is the work of Christine Carter.  She has a great free eCourse going on right now called "Cracking the Habit Code" which you can read about here.

She says that researchers are learning a lot that can help us keep our New Year's resolutions (or personal revolutions). Here are three great ideas to get us started:

She suggests that we replace bad habits with good ones.  Because quitting something cold-turkey is really HARD. Even quitting something slowly is hard; once our brains have a habit hard-wired into them, that habit can be super difficult to erase. Easier is to keep certain aspects of an old habit while replacing the undesirable parts with something new.

She suggests that instead of resolving to quit eating things we know are bad for us, replace our usual afternoon snack with something good for us, like some fruit and eat it at the same time.

She also suggests we should never say never. When temptation is right in front of us, it's hard to turn down. And when we tell ourselves "no, we can't have, do or be that thing anymore" we often increase the urgency of the temptation by making it forbidden fruit, or by giving it a whole lot of energy. She suggests that instead of telling ourselves that we can't have that thing (for me that last piece of chocolate cake), we could tell ourselves we'll have that thing in a few hours if we are still interested.  Meanwhile, we go for a walk, read a book, do some yoga, or create something.

She suggests we make dopamine work for us. Dopamine is a brain chemical that motivates us towards stuff we perceive as rewards. Often we are motivated by dopamine-created-cravings towards things we are trying to avoid (like that last piece of chocolate cake, darn it).

She says we can also use dopamine to motivate us towards behaviors that will make us healthier and happier.

Every time we keep our resolves, she suggests we be sure to reward ourselves immediately, even if we just do a little victory dance, or say "I'm awesome!" to ourselves. Pretty soon, our brain will think of your resolves as a reward, and we'll find we're more motivated to do them.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, then "Cracking the Habit Code" might be the class for you!

Christine Arylo
Finally there's my new Self-Love guru, Christine Arylo!  She's got a great little short video for how we can clear out what we don't need or want from 2012 (or earlier, lol) and make a lot of spaciousness for ourselves and all the goodness waiting for us in 2013.

This should give you some good ideas for creating more of what you need in your life right now!  Here's to 2013!  Hooray!


Barbara Saint Jacques said...

Thank you Lani for sharing this useful information towards self help and moving forward.

Barbara Saint Jacques said...

Dear Lani, Thank you for sharing this useful information, which is sure to be helpful in this New Year and always. I am enjoying your new transformational art!

Anonymous said...

Love! Great links, quotes, resources... -gretchen

Merrikate said...

Thank you, Lani. Love Christine's video-nudge! Perfect timing, as I have kinda let the clutter I ditched two years ago begin to proliferate again ... just as I recognize that I really WANT to much less of it around nowadays. That deed will release space and stress in favour of my rekindling creative sparks again ... can so strongly FEEL that to be so. Yay for 2013's opps to refresh all that's GOOD!
~ Kit W-P

Merrikate said...

Signed up for Dr. Christine's mini-course too, Lani. With two Christine's to back up my intentions, all will be well, all manner of things will be well.