Saturday, January 05, 2013

Learning to love who we are a little more every day.

"Love who you are" morning pages with textures from FlyPaper 
Find and create more tiny rewards to let yourself know that you are being looked after by your very best friend... yourself!  Take a little time for de-stressing and becoming-your-own-best-friend!  Christine Arylo, author of Madly in Love with Me, suggests a really cute idea that harkens back to childhood.  Take a pen and write something sweet on the palm of your hand.  Sneak a look at it every now and then.  Didn't you do this with best friends when you were a kid?  Every time you see your palm you will have just a tiny dopamine rush from the reward center of the brain, a gift from your brain chemistry to yourself.

Here's another tiny reward.  Take yourself on a sensory walk outdoors in sunlight (soak up some vitamin D), looking at plants, listening to birds and what ever natural sounds you can find.  Touch things that look like they have interesting textures.  Identify at least five different scents on your sensory walk.  Document your walk in your art journal, or with photos.  Have fun.  Want to multiply the fun?  Take a child or two on your explorations.

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