Sunday, January 06, 2013

More simple rewards.

"Art Saved Me" morning pages with textures from FlyPaper  (love love love)
Continuing with  Christine Carter's Breaking the Habit Code eCourse, I have been trying to figure out more non-chocolate type rewards as I build my new, fun, helpful, useful, marvelous, easy-peasy habits.   I tend to go along nicely with my good-habit-building and then a little resistance creeps in to the picture.

So how do I work with my resistance?  I already enjoy my daily art pages.  They are a part of the good habits that are working well, so that's not a problem.   There's no resistance to doing the actual morning pages, but the effort it takes to polish a bit, and put up on the blog is where I can feel the struggle with resistance.  Part of me wants to leave the images right where they are, in my art journal.  But I know that there are more things that could happen with them that won't happen if they sit where they are.

How can I use my simple reward system to keep motivated?  How can I keep the dopamine flowing in my brain?  While contemplating these questions and looking at my morning pages, I got this enormous insight that the minute I think about putting one of my favorite personal strengths into my work (like humor), the happier I get, the more dopamine flows, and all resistance disappears.  (Look at those huge sneakers and fuzzy yellow pants and just try not to laugh.)

So the title of this piece should be "Art and Humor Saved Me."  I'm also a curious person, so following the lead of my curiosity and learning more about this process is also an awesome way for me to feel a rising excitement and resistance melt away.

How does that sound?  Want to incorporate strengths into your work?  Need a list of strengths?  I posted one here earlier.

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just jen said...

As planets collide, I happen to have just taken that VIA Strengths test. It left me with some interesting insights but nowhere to put them. I'm working on that. :)

I'm also working on how new habits get sloughed off. I hadn't thought of it as feeling resistance but I think you nailed it Lani. One more thing to ponder this New Year.

Thanks for sharing!