Tuesday, January 08, 2013

What if "We Are All Sacred"?

"We are Sacred" collage by Lani, with element from Gale Blair's Paper Whimsy
The idea for today's morning pages arrived in my instagram feed, from Gretchen Miller who had written "I am sacred" on her palm and taken it's picture. It created a little mind worm which wouldn't leave, "you are sacred" it whispered, along with "I am sacred" and "we are all sacred." Nice little mind worm. Thank you Gretchen.

But what if we really, really believed that we were all sacred, that all sentient beings were sacred?  Wouldn't we treat ourselves, the people around us, and all creatures with great care?  OK, now here's where I'm going to bring in some of the amazing neuro-psychology research from the  Breaking the Habit Code eCourse . I want to create new helpful habits that are all about treating all beings with extreme care, but I need to know how habits are formed and what my brain chemistry has to do with everything!  One of the sources that Christine Carter refers to in her eCourse is the book "Switch."  In it there's this amazing story about some applied psychologists getting a whole theater full of people to participate in some really nutty research.  They wanted to see how much more people would eat if they were given larger quantities of popcorn, but not just any old popcorn, this was super nasty popcorn, that was popped 5 days before the experiment.  Everyone got their own huge tub of this nasty stuff but some of the tubs were SUPER huge.  What the researchers discovered was that if we are given bigger containers of food, even nasty food, we will consume 53% more even if it is truly nasty.  Even if we are already full going into the movie.  Funny.  Except that this is what we really do.   (Solution?  ALWAYS eat your food in smaller containers, especially if it's nasty, 5 day old popcorn, lol!)  

This sort of mindless activity seems to be the opposite of treating life as sacred.  It would seem that we have some strange hard wiring that allows us to forget that we are all sacred.   The good news is we can create new wiring and new habits.   Stay tuned for more adventures from Breaking the Habit Code eCourse.

Photo of a Santos taken with my Hipstamatic App.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all of this! I will remember to eat my popcorn in small, sacred containers.... :) -gretchen