Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why have a daily practice?

"Live mindfully" collage by Lani with textures from FlyPaper
"Art Journaling has the power to not only express what happens in our lives but to actually effect it. Through artistic explorations and unbridled creativity the art journaler is a traveler between worlds. Effecting the future of his/her life while recording the moment." -Anahata Katkin from Journaling the Journey; A Rough Guide
I feel as though there are many layers to all that I have been learning in Breaking the Habit Code eCourse. Not only was there the content of the class, but then there was the practice of what we were learning, and then the growing and observing of the daily practice. My favorite learning was how amazingly wonderful change can be when we understand a little about our hard-wiring and use it instead of fighting it, using our ability to learn tiny habits.  Of course I also loved the beauty and simplicity of the elephant and trainer metaphor.  And I feel as though I finally understand why a daily creative practice is productive, wonderful, and fun.

Do check out Christine Carter's eCourse here if you have a chance and the inclination to make a few changes in your life. 


Merrikate said...

Bright blessings & big thanks, dear Lani, for this latest series of telling images & clear words; much enhancement of HABIT course strategies to help them soak in core-deep. This latest one brings me a huge heartrich rush! And reawakens the dozing art journalista in me. LOVE this!

Lani Gerity said...

Wow, thank YOU Merrikate! Hope the awakening art journalista leads you into many wonderful adventures!