Saturday, April 06, 2013

More Flypaper Love!

"Elephant Love" Collage by Lani with TinType Textures from FlyPaper 

Whether you are playing with elements from your art journal pages, or old family photos, there's absolutely nothing like a little  FlyPaper action to add fun to your day!  I love what these guys do for my work!  And of course I adore their work!  (Once you get to FlyPaper check Jill and Paul's blogs for all kinds of inspiration!)

"Three Sisters" Collage by Lani with TinType Textures from FlyPaper 
This is an old Cabinet card that I had super fun with TinType Textures and some old favorite Flypaper.

Early passport photo with TinType Textures from FlyPaper 
This little passport photo has two TinType Textures on it.  Definitely increased my fun quotient for the day!!

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