Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to "get out of our own way" - Dr. Brewer on Flow

Morning Pages Collage by Lani and textures from FlyPaper

OH boy, oh boy, oh  boy!!!  Check out this Ted Talk:

This is a fantastic talk. Dr. Judson Brewer also has an iphone app to help smokers become non-smokers.

Additionally here are some articles by Brewer:

Self-Control Is a Non-Renewable Resource 

How to Change a Habit for Good: Pay Attention

How to Get Out of Your Own Way (and the Brain Science Behind It)


Bill said...

This sure describes me! I need to quiet down my brain region called the posterior cingulate cortex. I guess that would qualify as continuing to train my elephant. It sounds like that could stop panic attacks and all the other refuse my brain keeps drudging up. So much work to do!

Lani Gerity said...

Absolutely excellent brain training!!!