Wednesday, August 14, 2013

True Confessions

Collage by Lani
True confessions time.  I've been ignoring my elephant training a little bit.  I get the elephant into my morning pages and get that up on my FaceBook page and then it's almost forgotten for the rest of the day.  Not a good idea.  (If you want to train the elephant, you need to pay it some attention.)  To fix the issue, to start paying more attention to the elephant, I'll be posting elephant training related blog posts here. 

The thing is I've been ignoring my regular blog as well as well as the elephant.  So to revitalize my personal elephant training, to revitalize my personal blog, and to have just a bit more fun, I'll be posting my morning pages on my blog, with the incorporated elephant, and I'll be posting interesting articles and teachers of mindfulness and elephant training.  Hope that sounds good to everyone!

Curious about Elephant Training?  The answer is here at my Lulu store front:

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Unknown said...

Sounds very, very good- Hooray! -gretchen