Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#103 - Happiness is in the search!

"Beautiful Hearts" collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.

Here's the Happiness Discovery for today! (#103, of a thousand ways to have a happy artist's life.)  I am getting ready for a trip to Vienna for the Edith Kramer Symposium.  When traveling, I easily lose track of where I am in the moment, especially if uncomfortable travel is involved, long flights, delays in travel plans, jet lag.  It is so easy to get really caught up in wishing to be "there" already. The exact opposite of being here now.  And I imagine traveling to Quebec in order to catch a flight to England, and then on to Vienna will be a similar experience.  So I'm imagining the worst already (definitely not a way to have a happy artist's life)!

But there are things that can counter that disorienting feeling of not wanting to be where I am. One, of course, is morning pages daily art practice.  I decided to do a little prep research on the subject of daily art practice while traveling (what kind of scissors can I pack) and I discovered some really interesting spots on the internet.  First of all there's Belzer Designs Hand Made Art website which has a corner devoted to art journaling every day.  There is a whole archive of 4 years of inspiration, tutorials, and links.  Of great interest is her blog post on 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: Art Version.  And an article about a magazine I had never heard of called Featuring which is all about art journaling and mixed media.  Who knew?  Their website is here.

From the magazine website I decided to explore one of the featured artists, Sandra van Doorn.  She had an intriguing little description of a character, Mademoiselle, walking into her studio, and how they be inseparable, from that day on.  And together they make the world more beautiful.  How cool.   She also has an invisible pet elephant and a lovely video about living in a fairy tale, minus the witches.

So the #103 of a thousand happiness is in the search and in allowing the adventure to unfold, and maybe exploring a fairy tale or two and an invisible pet elephant while the adventure unfolds!!!

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