Saturday, September 06, 2014

Another way to have a happy artist's life; take at least one sacred pause every day.

"Always Play" collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.

 #102 (out of thousand) - Taking a sacred pause.  While I was working on my morning pages, my daily art practice, I could hear a Tara Brach talk on meditation in the background.  She was describing how busy life is today, how we are so drained by the end of the day we can hardly think.  She described the Chinese word for busy (mang) as being a combination of heart and killing.  Sure enough, 忙 (busy) is created with "a variant of heart" and 亡 which means to die or disappear. When we are busy our hearts disappear into who knows what.  In this state we no time to reflect, to consider what might be best for ourselves or others. Our hearts disappear.

But in a sacred pause, in a true refuge, we can recover our hearts, we can come back to ourselves.  We can remember what really matters. As I worked quietly on my morning pages, I realized that was exactly what I was doing.  I was giving myself the time and space to actually hear my heart's sorrows, longings, and joys.  And because my morning pages are a daily art practice there is often a possibility for a deeper understanding, art actually providing many layers of expression of the heart's sorrows, longings, and joys.

On her blog Tara describes some possibilities. "We may take a pause from our ongoing responsibilities by sitting down to meditate. We may pause in the midst of meditation to let go of thoughts and reawaken our attention to the breath. We may pause by stepping out of daily life to go on a retreat or to spend time in nature or to take a sabbatical."

To this I would add that we may take a pause from our ongoing responsibilities to do our morning pages, our daily art practice.  The world will carry on quite easily without our input, without our losing our hearts into who knows what for a little while.  Do you want to be a happier artist?  Do you want to find your heart again?  Then perhaps a morning pages daily art practice, a sacred pause, this quite time with our hearts and art, would be just the thing.

Here's a clip of Tara and the sacred pause.

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