Thursday, February 25, 2016

#129 out of a thousand ways to have a happy artists life - Create Secret Messages

"#secretmessages"  collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.
This happy adventure began with an image from Mandy Steward that Gretchen Miller posted on FaceBook.  You know, one of those little creativity sparks that pop up in life from time to time!
So I clicked on the image and I got magically whisked to Mandy Steward's blog and website.  Oh my.  So she has a secret message society with monthly inspirational zines, a wonderful eBook called "What is a Secret Message" and a Magic School.  Whee. 

What is a secret message? A Secret Message is a reminder of sorts for something you innately know at your core. Like a colorful fortune cracked out of a cookie at just the right time. I believe when you find one it can help air out your lungs, melt your heart and bolster your Soul.                                                                                                   - Mandy Steward
What could be better, more fun, more happiness inducing than to think about what secret messages you might be on the look out for and then to create them for yourself? 

"Warning: may cause breathlessness. May cause the first daring trembles of hope. May cause furtive joy.
                                                                                     - Hillary Rain

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Merrikate said...

'Secret messages'! What a nifty tag for the unexpected little things we gleefully seize upon, those serendipitous stimuli for a creative urge and notion. Food for wonder and for making something new. Thanks for sharing Mandy Steward's open eyes, Lani.