Saturday, October 29, 2016

#148 out of a thousand ways to have a happy artist's life - Recall Fifty Wonderful, Happy Memories

"Happy Memories"  collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.


The thing about art is that it really can make all the difference between struggling to exist and creating a life filled with wonder and joy.  I particularly noticed this lately, as I struggled with the loss of yet another beautiful Bergamasco.  I found that by incorporating my two furry beloveds into my daily art practice, by creating fun environments for them, I was able to smile.  

The one here, "Recall Fifty Wonderful, Happy Memories" really made me smile, because once I got started thinking about the sweetest moments, it seemed more like thousands of happy memories.  As I played with the image, it became very clear that our lives are in constant flux.  One memory can be heartbreaking and the next 10 can lift our spirits.  We don't have to have perfect moments right now to be happy artists, we just need to create the possibility for good things to happen in our art work and in our lives.  So I get up early, feed the puppy and cat, doing some yoga and art before breakfast and see what the day brings.  Life really has its sorrows and difficult times.   For me, art isn't about plastering over the bad stuff.  It's more like using art to build up my strengths and resilience in order to deal with the difficulties.  Here's to morning pages daily art practice, wonderful memories and to creating possibility for a happy artist's life!


Lani Gerity said...

Thank you Bill! Yes, to happy memories!

Merrikate said...

I so heart this wise blog and splendid image, Lani: YES to every nuance and shift of light and shadow as memories flow freely into Now, transmuted with love and acceptance, like a celebration 'through' my fingers' shaping them into something both real and evocative ... a palpable current all right! ~ Kitty W-P