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#'s 193 - 293 out of a thousand ways to have a happy artist's life; Give your creativity a burst.

"Art Warrior" collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.
From a March 2002 Issue of The Studio Zine from Teesha Moore.

1. Carve a stamp. Use a white eraser and a linoleum cutter.
2. Make a puppet. Use a paper towel tube, attach an old doll head to the top and drape fabric around neck. Add stuff.
3. Dig out your sewing machine and make something out of your old clothes destined for the thrift store.
4. Take a trip into the big city. Look for ideas.
5. Go cruise the aisles of your craft store. You never know what you might see that you can turn into something cool.
6. Go spend a couple of hours at a bookstore. Look in sections that you have never looked in before.
7. Take another look at your local community college list of evening classes. Sign up for something weird.
8. Cook a gourmet meal for your friends.
9. Go for a walk.
10. Look through your art supplies. Use something that hasn't yet been used.
11. Arm yourself with a canvas, brush and a few acrylics. Paint a face using the whole canvas and lots of colors.
12. Plan an imaginary dream trip to someplace exotic.
13. Make a travel journal about your imaginary trip.
14. Read a fiction book.
15. Go to the museum with your journal and sketch something.
16. Go hang out in a coffee shop with your journal. Meet someone new.
17. Buy a new pen. Doodle with it.
18. Get out your alphabet rubber stamp set and stamp out an entire page of text in your journal.
19. Pick a color and make something using only that color.
21. Make some wings out of wire. Glue a thin paper over the wire frame.
22. Make an artist book about your day, your family, your dog, your dreams, your town, your best friend, etc.
23. Go see a play or opera or a concert.
24. Decoupage a lunch pail. Cover it with a high gloss varnish like Golden's High gloss medium.
25. Find a nice, clean purse at a thrift store. Add collage, beads, trims, etc.
26. Plan a tea party.
27. Make a sheet of artist stamps. Commemorate something common or seemingly insignificant.
28. Look through your collection of books. Pull out ones you haven't looked through for a while. Re-visit your "old friends."
29. Find an object around your house. Embellish it. Use fabric, beads, charms, collage, rubber stamps, found objects.
30. Go outside and find a bag of found objects. You might want to do this in the city. Now make something using your items.
31. Go listen to new music at your music store. Find an exciting new cd and buy it.
32. Design a fantastical costume in your journal with a pencil. Add little scraps of fabric to show what you have in mind.
33. Make color copies of your favorite things. Frame them and fill a wall.
34. Find a cheap, thrift store chandelier, paint it, and add strings of beads and dangles. Hang it even if it doesn't work.
35. Find an old window pane with glass still in it. Collage onto the back side of the glass. Hang it.
36. Make some tiny pillows. Embellish with beads and fringe. Put a bowl of them out. Add lavender to the stuffing.
37. Make a basket out of wire with curlicues. Fill it with rolled-up white washcloths and put next to your sink.
38. Plan out a tiny garden. Get started working the soil. Make little markers to add charm.
39. Start a collaborate project with a groups of friends.
40. Make a list of things that inspire you.
41. Plan a fun party fro your kids just for the fun of it. Go through with it.
42. Get a bulletin board and decorate it with all sorts of fun stuff that makes you happy.
43. Take a roll of pictures of odd things. Print them at a one-hour lab and then use them in your collage.
44. Gold leaf something. It can be as simple as some old dried leaves.
45. Re-arrange your furniture.
46. Make some paper dolls. Make copies and give to your friends.
47. Take a stained glass class to learn how to cut glass and solder pieces together. Put found text between two pieces of glass.
48. Take a dance class. Learn belly dancing.
49. Make a cloth art doll. No rules. Just make something...anything.
50. Melt beeswax. Dip things in it, like fabric or paper. Use your dipped pieces in something.
51. Make a shrine using up a bunch of art stuff you don't want anymore.
52. Take a free form ceramics class. Make a funky teapot.
53. Make giant outdoor figures using pieces of wood from old barns, metal scraps, thrift store finds, and paint.
54. Go for an hour drive out in the country. Driving works the right side of your brain and gets you thinking creatively.
55. Find a piece of unfinished wood furniture. Stamp on it using Colorbox black. Color in with colored pencil. Spray seal it.
56. Make something that has the feel of an old circus, or old Paris flea market, or eastern India, or Imperial China.
57. Try something that you have been wanting to try for a long time. Just do it.
58. Make an articulated figure. Use something for the body and limbs and join the parts together somehow. Make large or small.
59. Organize your desk. Clean it off, so you will actually feel like using it.
60. Make a special desk just for journaling at. Put in a corner and have all your supplies on it.
61. Go away for the weekend. Get some fresh air and a change of pace.
62. Go out to dinner with a friend and brainstorm ideas.
63. Go through old artwork, make copies of the stuff you like and play around with it. Adding more to it.
64. Try painting with water colors. Just make sheets of color. Later collage on these.
65. Take an old thrift store chair and paint it with lots of colors. Use paint pens to add words.
66. Find some interesting kids books in yard sales. Cut these up and use in your journal.
67. Play with papier-mâché. Make forms out of chicken wire.
68. Make a bunch of those "handmade" greeting cards that you see in high end gift shops for 10.00 a piece. Create a stash to send out.
69. Collage onto a piece of 1/4" wood. String a ribbon through the top, tie in a bow and hang.
70. Using lacquer thinner (found in auto store), transfer xerox's onto fabric, journal pages, etc. Wet back of copy face down on fabric. Rub with the back of a spoon. Lift paper.
71. Glue a box to the back of an old frame. Fill with a mini theater for a shadow box effect.
72. Make yourself some little calling cards. Put several on a sheet and copy onto card stock.
73. Make a bunch of tiny little books. Use as many different materials as you can think of.
74. Look in the yellow pages under the categories you like. You will be surprised to learn of places you didn't know about.
75. Go through your old photo albums. Use your family photos in fun collages. Make copies first.
76. Spend a day at the library. Bring your journal. Sketch things you find.
77. Plan a weekend of art for 3 of your friends. Create non-stop. Collaborate.
78. Take a piece of art that you are tired of and incorporate it into something new.
79. Go through all your stamp pads, pens, tubes of paint, etc. and throw out anything dried up.
80. Read through a quote book. Stencil a quote on your wall. Write some in your journal.
81. Mount up thos unmounted rubber stamps you bought a long time ago.
82. Buy some crackle glaze. Try it out. Rub brown paint into the cracks.
83. Go on a hunt for old costume jewelry. Make something out of it.
84. Buy a small-drawer organizer from a home improvement store. Organize your beads and small found objects.
85. Make a weather vane using an old bicycle wheel and attach old tea cups around the edge to catch the wind. Install outside.
86. Paint your address in huge numbers on your house. Make it funky. Do not do this if you live in one of those condominiums. (Ha)
87. Make a "bead" curtain using a copy of a face that is perfectly round (about 2"). Print face on front and back, laminate a bunch of them, punch holes in the top and bottom and attach to each other with jump rings.
88. Gather twigs outside and make something with them using twine. A picture frame, basket, sculptural piece, etc.
89. Look back through all your old issues of "The Studio".
90. Make your own zine. Everyone seems to be doing it these days.
91. Make your own game. Fashion it after a commercial one but make your own game board and pieces.
92. Paint faces onto fabric, make into pillows and hang from your ceiling with fishing line. These appear as if they are floating.
93. Explore your dollar store for cheap ceramics to use in your next mosaic.
94. Re-cover your dining room seat cushions with something wild (pink and black zebra stripe). This looks great with stuffy old classic designs.
95. Take a class at a bead store. Learning how to make jewelry provides invaluable techniques for lots of things.
96. Make a mobile using black foam core pieces, collage, paint along the edges, attach to each other using string. Add beads.
97. Go buy some inexpensive colorful goblets and arrange all your brushes, pens, pencils, scissors, and rulers in them.
98. Go into your Chinatown and see what you can find.
99. Cover something with a ton of silk roses and a hot glue gun. A lamp shade, pillow, around the edge of a mirror, etc.
100. Go buy yourself some fine chocolates and champagne. Draw a hot bath, light candles, add bubbles, use homemade soap. Lean head back with mouth full of chocolate and dream. (Oh my. Teesha wrote that she really needed tip #100 after thinking up the previous 99, but I think it sounds kind of good at any time.)

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